Paraguay is probably the least known of all the countries in the South American continent. Slightly smaller in land area than the state of California, Paraguay has a population of around 4 million people. With few exceptions, there are not many touristy things to do in Paraguay. So why then would someone want to spend a week of their vacation in such a country? The answer: THE PEOPLE.

Paraguay is known for its hospitality. Believe me, this is very much a fact. Paraguayan people are some of the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. Once you meet one, you are their friend for life.

Another wondeful benefit to this small country is its slow pace of life. You never feel like you have to hurry to get anywhere. Everything comes at its own time. Anyone who says they have an agenda to follow in Paraguay, will probably lie to you about other things as well!

Our main reason for traveling to Paraguay was to visit my friend, Renato Bellucci and his family. Renato and I met in March of 1997 over amateur radio. Since then we have kept in touch both via e-mail and radio. In that time we have become good friends. Upon hearing of my desire to come to South America, Renato invited me to visit him. He also offered up his radio equipment for me to operate.

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My Ham Radio Operations in Paraguay