Antenna Party 2003

These are some pictures of the antenna party on September 27th, 2003. Thanks to the following for their help with installation of the antennas: N8KWX, AB9DO, N9OH, K9IR, W9UZ, K9TX, AK9L, and N9REP.


For the left picture from left to right we have, Scott (AB9DO), Mark (W9UZ), Paula (K9IR), Steve (N9OH) and Ed (K9TX). In the right picture from left to right we have Scott (AB9DO), myself (NA9D) and Steve (N9OH).

Here is another picture of the crew with the Skyhawk assembled on the ground. From left to right we have: Bob (AK9L), Paula (K9IR), myself (NA9D), Steve (N9OH), Ed (K9TX) and Scott (AB9DO). Thanks to Mark (W9UZ) for the picture.

Here are some pictures of me on the tower as we are hoisting up the Skyhawk. WOW! That was a job. Due to all the trees on my property we had to tram the antenna up from the front yard and it wasn't easy!



Here we have the beam in place and me tightening the boom to mast plate. The Skyhawk has a wonderful boom to mast plate arrangement that allows the ground crew to "go home" once the antenna is up and before all the bolts are tightened. And yes, the antenna is pointing the wrong direction at this point. It had to go up this way. Once in place, it was rotated on the mast into position.


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