NA9D Tower Party - September 2002

The tower party took place on the weekends of September 7th and 14th, 2002. We had a good crew on both days. Many thanks to the guys who helped: K9PG, KO9A, N8KWX, NT9E, N9EP, N9REP, K9ZKJ, N9GUN, N9TZL, and my wife, Rose for putting up with us! Special thanks to Chad, WE9V, for the use of his gin pole and other assembly hardware. And super-duper thanks to Phil, KB9CRY and Ken, KB9I for doing the work on top of the tower! They were awesome! If I have forgotten anyone who helped, I sincerely apologize!


Here's Ken, KB9I (the one with his arms out, fooling around) and Phil, KB9CRY, up at the top!

Adding the AEA 2 meter Isopole

Now the HF Beam is being installed. Yes, that is some lean in the unguyed upper part of the tower (there is a guy set at 25 feet). "It's normal!", said Ken who has put up more towers than he can count!

All is almost completely installed!

Shortly after this the party was over as the hard work was all done. Several of these guys gave up two Saturdays in hot weather and mosquitos to help! After they left, I finished guying the upper part of the tower and began the long process of running coax, etc.

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